Online Session work

When not touring I work as a Session Musician. Either online from my London home or, on location. Sessions range from Demos, Singles, Film Scores, Radio or TV Jingles… the sky is the limit!

Online Recording

If you looking for a studio musician who can record instrumental tracks and send them back to you, look no further!

If you would like me to record on your track:

1) E-mail me to discuss your needs at with an mp3. or Wav. of your track to  with as much detail as you can provide, this can include:

  • Step by step on how you want the recorded part.
  • Chord Chart
  • References to other songs
  • Scratch parts recorded by you as an idea of the part.

2) After I receive the above, I ask for a deposit of  50% to be paid to Then I will start to record the part(s) for your track and send you an mp3 or wav mix down of your original track, with the new part.

3) Once you are satisfied, the remaining amount can be paid in full using PayPal, then you will receive the separate tracks via Dropbox or WeTransfer via e-mail.

Here are some examples on Spotify that i recorded from home…


Live or Other work

A lot of my work is through playing live. If you are looking for Pedal Steel Guitar, Electric and Acoustic Guitar or Dobro for live shows,  promo and T.V. appearances then contact me.

I also play one off shows & tours. E-mail me to discuss this with an Album link or Mp3’s.

I am able to travel throughout the U.K. and have a valid passport for Europe.

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